Milford Sound, New Zealand


New Zealand is an isolated part of the world. 1,500 km separate it from the closest mainland, Australia. 1,000 miles! For the French person that I am, this is literally the end of the world! Well, among all places, Milford Sound is to be considered as the very end of New Zealand. Its access is tremendously difficult. It involves a long loop swirling through the mountains, tunneling through cliffs and ending up in a breathtaking U-shaped valley that sunlight struggles to enlighten.

But it is sooo worth it! Because at the end is probably the world’s most stunning fjord! In 2010, I had the immense pleasure of kayaking in this astonishing natural wonder!

Milford Sound

It is impossible to state how disproportionate this site is! The fjord is kilometers large, dozens of kilometers long and the cliffs are way over 1,000 meters high! Not to mention the bottom of the fjord, which is over 400 meters deep and traps giant calamars and whales!

Milford Sound Kayaking near Seals

I’m usually not a big fan of organized tour, but this Active New Zealand trip was something else. Not only were we only 6 tourists with 2 guides, but, more importantly, all these people were truly amazing!

And there weren’t only us. There were also seals! But I won’t thank them: I got so busy staring at them that I missed the dolphins which were swimming behind me too fast away for me to chase after.

Let’s wrap up with one last panoramic picture. Notice the ferry (yes, a ferry!) on the left. This gives you an idea of the gigantism of the fjord!

Milford Sound Panoramic

Milford Sound is in my top 10 touristic visits.


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