Huangshan, China


What a day! What a day! The first of my 2-day visit in Huangshan was definitely one of the most exhausting and difficult day I’ve ever had.

After a tough night in the train from Shanghai, where, around midnight, a fight occurred 3 meters away from us, my friend Bertrand and I had to be at Hong Kong 3 days later for a flight to Hanoi. But trains were full. We were in panic, and no one around us was talking English. Eventually, after a long morning of struggle, during which we took 4 taxis and 3 buses, we finally manage to book flight tickets. Helped by Mr. Hu, it took us another couple of hours to head to the foot of Huangshan. At 3pm, we finally we began the ascension of Huangshan.

All at once, our emotions suddenly switched from worries and anxiety to shear amazement.


As we raced up to the summit to get there before sunset, we were overwhelmed by the stunning peaks, which often appear in Chinese arts and have influenced Avatar, as they pierce the forests of snow-covered pines. Eventually, the timing was perfect for us to witness the last sunlights reddening the smooth and sharp summits of the holy mountain. What a day! What a day!


Huangshan is in my top 10 touristic visits.


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