The Rinjani Rim, Indonesia


What an incredible sensation to wake up, come out of the tent and be faced with a breathtaking sunrising sight on a world-class natural wonder!

Rinjani 1

And if you turn your head, you’ll get to gaze at the Gili islands and Bali’s Gunung Agung…


The second day of this 3-day trek with Ellie, Céline and Alexandre began wonderfully! After a nice hot tea and breakfast served by our guide, we started the hiking along the rim of the enormous caldera of the Rinjani volcano. All along this hike, my eyes were fixed on the dramatic cute smaller active Barujari volcanic cone, centered-staged in the lake filling the caldera.

Rinjani 1-3

The rim went down for a closer more intimate view on the Barujari volcanic cone, and the beautiful turquoise of its surrounding lake. This is just pure wonder!


But before having lunch on the shores of the lake, we made a small relaxing detour to hot springs. Now, this was not my first hot springs, so I wasn’t expecting to have my mind blown. But bathing in the hot waters beneath a breathtaking cold waterfall after a day and a half of exhausting walk was just extraordinary! I’m still not sure how I ever managed to leave this unique location…

Rinjani Hot Springs

After lunch though, a demanding hike up took us through the fogs. These were the hard times. But our guide took us through a nice, albeit slightly dangerous, shortcut. And at 3:30 pm, we made it through the fogs to end up with one last great sight, although this time was a view on the other volcanoes of Lombok island, as well as on Pulau Mojo!

Rinjani Team

This viewpoint was where we were about to camp. It was cold and very windy. Faced with this unwelcoming weather, it was such a pleasure to stay in our warm sheltered tents, with the sound of the ghastly wind… This is where we had our guide serving us several hot teas and some delicious dinner! Sooo nice!

This Rinjani rim hike is 3rd in my top 10 touristic visits, and part of my trip in Indonesia.