Preah Khan, Angkor, Cambodia


Sometimes, overwhelmingly gigantic natural environments manage to get me hysterically speechless. In Angkor, a single tree does it.

Angkor is just unique. Its temples are amazingly impressive, both in quantity and quality. From the huge and majestic Angkor Vat, to the cute Banteay Srei, all the way to the temple of the forest Beng Mealea, Angkor is just unique!

And, at first, Preah Khan seemed like just one dramatic temple among the uncountable others.

Preah Khan

Preah Khan, just like the others? This is what I thought until I decided to step away from the main visitor paths. This lonesome adventurous walk led me to explore a mysterious, wilder and more ruined area, where trees were slowly conquering the temple! It was so thrilling!

Adventuring in Preah Khan

My exciting solo quest ended up having me facing the most amazing tree I have ever seen! This monstrous tree was standing like the frightening final boss of a video game, intimidating me by its imposing stature…

Discovering the Greatest Tree ever

This greatest tree ever was literally climbing a wall of the temple to better crash it down with all its weight! Its human-looking shape was perfectly staged to better invade the old temple of Preah Khan! This tree was legendary! And it made me hysterically speechless!

Fighting the Greatest Tree ever

The Greatest Tree ever

After all this excitement, I called up Bertrand, who took all these awesome pictures I am sooo thankful for!

Preah Khan is 2nd in my top 10 touristic visits.