Last June, I had my first lonesome 3-week trip in Indonesia, from West Java to Lombok. It was a bit frightening beforehand, but 3 weeks felt way too short afterwards! What’s so cool about traveling alone is the freedom of undertaking pretty much anything that comes to our minds, leading to amazing stories.

Here are 15 peculiar things that happen to me…
– Meeting a Singapore-Chinese man who wants me to call him for any problem I face.
– Getting invited at lunch by Indonesian strangers.
– Playing Heal the World with angklung.
– Having an Indonesian biker taking me to bus station when I was lost at 4am. For free!
– Sharing a scrammed tiny van with my huge backpack and a dozen kids going to school.
– Taking 1 taxi, 4 buses, 1 angkot, 1 pick-up, 1 ojek and 1 becak in a single day.
– Having a Frenchman driving me to the bus station and inviting me to his house.
– Meeting 6 Indonesian hikers on a hike, and again two days later in a city.
– Repeating “Tidak Indonesia” all day long. Hearing “Oh Vietnam!” all day long.
Sharing cookies and teas with Indonesian strangers at 3676m elevation while watching eruptions of a volcano.
– Making friends with a Lithuanian couple to whom I introduced mechanism design and Poincaré conjecture.
– Getting a ride in a truck, right behind the driver.
– Having breakfast served in tent at 2:30 am when it’s cold and windy outside.
– Being awaked by barking dogs on a beach at 4am.
– Hiking 7 volcanoes, including 5 in 6 days representing over 100km of hike.


Plus, Indonesia is just one of these awesome countries with infinite breathtaking natural wonders! So far, on this blog, I’ve only written about the Rinjani rim and Gunung Semeru.