Chebika, Tamerza and Mides, Tunisia


First stop of this day road trip around Tozeur with 3 other friends in Southern Tunisia is Chebika, a small oasis on a hill in the middle of the desert plane. So cute!


After a visit of this beautiful isolated place near the border with Algeria, we took the car to head to Tamerza. Landscapes were breathtaking, as we were guided by my Tunisian friend Khaled.

Khaled and I on our way to Tamerza

cascade de tamerza

Benoît and I under waterfalls

Slightly before arriving to Tamerza, we visited its renowned water falls. On this warm winter day, Benoît and I decided to enjoy the freshness of the water!

Tamerza was fabulous. Lying in a small valley through which a river flows, it is filled by palm trees. Brilliant!

Sylvain at tamerza

Finally, the day ended by Mides Canyon, a few hundreds of meters away from the Algerian border. A last amazing sight of the breathtaking desert of Tunisia!

Mides Canyon