Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada


Montreal is both too cold and too hot. The everlasting winter often gets the thermometer below -20°C. Spring lasts a week only. Then comes a hot and unbearably humid summer. Fortunately, Montreal and Québec have the fall. And I know no place on Earth where fall is as enjoyable as it is around Montreal. This is particularly the case of Mount Tremblant, a couple hours in the North of Montreal.


In mid-October, Olivier, Nathanaël, Pierre and I rent a car and hiked the 800-meter high hill. Up there were amazing viewpoints on the hilly plain filled with red and yellow leafs. Wonderful!


While our way up cut through the steep ski slopes, our way down took us through the breathtaking forest.

tremblant feuilles par terre

This beautiful path took us to some mesmerizing lookouts which displayed the Tremblant lake. What a view!

tremblant lac et feuilles d'arbres