San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy


I took the train to Poggibonsi from Florence early morning. At Poggibonsi, a bus could have taken me to the renowned San Gimignano, but I chose to hike there to better explore the Tuscany countryside. This was a bad idea, as the path to the small village was a large main road with no sidewalk!

Still, I did get to enjoy the beautiful colors of mid-december Tuscany, which were slowly unveiled by the disappearing morning fog.

Tuscany Forest


Eventually, I took smaller bifurcating paths which took deeper into the breathtaking forest. In particular, I found the spectacular tree on the right, whose outer leaves had adopted the redness of the fall, while inner leaves had remained beautifully green.


Later, I arrived in San Gimignano. This charming small old village on top of a hill was beautifully decorated with lightbulbs for the coming Christmas.

It was mesmerizing!


But the bouquet final came with the sun set, as the bright red lights were wonderfully coloring on the beautifully lit village…