What’s the best number (of people to travel with)?


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8: No, eight is not a right number. At least in general. It’s way too many. It’s typically what happens when I travel with my family. Surely enough, it’s still fun, especially at nights, but it’s also usually so hard to get people doing something awesome. And yet, one of the best trip I ever did was a 2-week tour with Active New Zealand. Granted. the conditions were perfect. We were 2 New Zealand guides, 3 American, 1 Canadian, 1 Australian and me. 4 boys, 4 girls, had a common passion for hiking, and were in one of the world’s most awesome playing field: New Zealand South Island (with, for instance, the spectacular Milford Sound.

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4-5: For road trips, 4 or 5 are the right digits for best cost splitting… and a fun car atmosphere as well! Many of my week-end trips around Québec and New Zealand North Island involve a 4-5 player team, and it always was enjoyable. More memorably, I had great weeks riding around Iceland, and in Tunisia. The great dynamics of such digits also lead to awesome urban adventures, as was my case when I visited cities like Boston, Frankfurt and San Francisco.

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3: But, for me, 4-5 are still too large numbers. 3-people trips give a whole other dynamics. Quicker decision making, more idea sharing and greater flexibility lead to more awesome adventures! 3-Person road trips have taken me through amazing places, through Europe, New Zealand (including a particularly two awesome hikes on Tongariro). In fact, my first major trip was 3-person one, all across California. It was what triggered my passion for traveling.

1: Traveling alone is scary. Last summer, I did worry when I flew to Indonesia alone for 3 weeks. But the trip I was about to do turned out to be more awesome than any 3-person trip I ever did. Surely enough, sometimes, when you’re alone… you do get lonely, especially in the evenings. Yet, the awesomeness of what I got to do, because I was alone, easily surpass the difficulties I encountered. From being invited to lunch by locals to getting a ride on a truck, this trip will definitely remain a cornerstone of my traveling experience. As the only person to satisfy, I got to do what I wanted whenever I wanted to. No concession. This got me through amazing stories, in which I met numerous like-minded awesome travelers! Some highlights include my hikes of Gunung Semeru and the Rinjani.


2: But, by far, the best number of people in a trip is 2. Many of the best trips I ever did was with another fellow adventurer. From British Columbia to Mexico, and the Great Lakes. What makes these trips particularly awesome is how much they feel like an adventure that two heroes undertake. In this spirit, my greatest trek ever was a trek through the best landscapes of Iceland, including above the lava of the recently exploding Eyjafjallajökull, which I undertook with Rémi. From the people we met (like What-a-day English man), to the troubles we got through (like not having enough to eat nor drink!), through the breathtaking landscapes we stumbled upon together, this trek represents the 3 most awesome traveling days I ever had!

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When you’re traveling with another backpacker, the cool thing is that you can easily convince him to do the things you really want to do. But, as well, he can easily convince you to do the things he really wants to do. And this can lead to mind-blowing unexpected adventures, as was the case of my most legendary trip ever: My 50-day trip in South-East Asia. From long hikes through Huangshan to quiet kayaking in the Halong bay, all the way through exploring Angkor and scuba diving in Thai islands, and including deep philosophical thoughts building upon cultural and Historical discoveries, this trip quickly became an incredible succession of ongoing unexpected mind-blowing experiences! So awesome!


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Now, what about you? What’s your favorite traveling number?