Fitz Roy y la Laguna de los Tres


After a short breakfast, Sylvain and I are back on our feet to explore the surroundings of Argentina’s capital for trekking, El Chalten. It doesn’t take long for us to get at a first viewpoint on a classical U-shape valley.


But this is really just the beginning of an amazing one-day hike. After an hour or so, we pass a saddle point to get closer to the big shot of today’s walk: The Fitz Roy.


It is the end of March, the Fall. The beautiful reddish colors of the trees seem to highlight even more the grandeur of the Fitz Roy. From far away, it already looks impressive. But after another hour in the plane, and another hour on steep soil, here we arrive very close, at the edge of the Laguna de los Tres. Here started another hour of speechless amazement.


On the left, we find another lake, called the dirty lake. The whole area is just out of this world. Simply breathtaking! Meanwhile, I’m so discovering the amazing panorama option of my latest smartphone (and its HDR). The following image merges 13 pictures!


This one-day trek would have definitely made it in my top 10 touristic visits! But I don’t want to disturb the ranking with just one entry… For now.



Operations Research on Science4All


Science4All now has a wide range of articles on operations research, which will get you from the basics to (nearly) research level mathematics.

  1. Linear Algebra.
  2. Linear Programming.
  3. Duality in Linear Programming.
  4. Primal and Simplex Methods.
  5. Integer Programming.
  6. Vehicle Routing and Heuristics.
  7. Marriage Assignment Problem.

There’s also an article on dual variable stabilization, which I want to rewrite. In the (maybe not very) near future, I plan on writing about the following topics:

  1. Column Generation.
  2. Stochastic and Robust Optimization.
  3. Improved Primal Simplex.
  4. Gradient-Based Optimization.
  5. Dynamic Programming.
  6. Interior Point Methods.

Finally, here are some related articles:

  1. A Model of Football Games.
  2. Hypothesis Test.
  3. Game Theory.
  4. Mean Field Games (with a bit of dynamic programming).

Between Two Stools


Innovation lies at the interfaces of disconnected fields. Everyone knows that. And you might think that the world of scientific research is the ideal location for such an innovation. Well, from my (young) experience, interdisciplinarity is mainly an empty intergalactic void, far from any of the gigantic clusters of research groups. 

I’m feeling down. My first research paper doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Operations Research has rejected it, claiming that it should be Games and Economic Behavior paper. But game theorists argue that it belongs to operations research. Meanwhile, Mathematics of OR asserts a lack of mathematics, and Management Science affirms an insufficiency of applications. Weirdly, no one criticizes the quality. But all disapprove the relevancy for their own journals.

So far, I do not feel at the interface of anything. I’m feeling like falling between two stools.