Science4All is 2 years old!


My baby is growing up. It is now 2 years old! Here are the latest stats:

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At first, I was hoping Science4All would become some platform where many researchers and engineers would share and explain the basics of their science and mathematics. My goal was to have them making their stuffs simple. And cool. So, I spent the first months inviting (if not begging!) my friends to write their own entries. But only a few did. In fact, in the last year, Science4All has nearly only been about my articles. Is that a failure? Yes. And I hope that will change. However, this failure conceals something mind-blowing that I had not anticipated.

I have fallen in love with mathematics (and science). A reader of my latest articles might feel like I had always loved maths. After all, I have had a training in (applied) mathematics all along. But, however wrong that may sound, I can guarantee that I have learned spectacularly more mathematics within these last 2 years than in the 24 years before that. From fractals to algebraic topology, from relativity to quantum mechanics, from the physics of trees to that of resonance, from information theory to evolutionary biology, from Galois theory to homotopy type theory, the quantity of what I’ve learned seems to be only surpassed by its quality. And it’s not as if I only had a vague idea of what these theories say. By popularizing these topics, I believe to have accessed to a big picture of the philosophies of these theories and their main messages. And these have repeatedly blown my mind over the last two years.

(In fact, my personal experience has strongly enhanced my belief that a passion for mathematics is the most important thing to learn about mathematics. If you too truly fall in love with math, I guarantee you’ll be excellent in mathematics.)

There’s more. As I wrote down my understanding and explanation of the essence of these theories, Science4All has become not only a place for others to discover them too, but also a showcase of my math and science popularization skills. Amazingly, these skills have been acknowledged by today’s greatest math popularizers, like James Grime, Edward Frenkel and Étienne Ghys.

In time (hopefully soon), I hope to be more renowned as a math popularizer, so that I get a chance to show to a wider audience the mesmerizing beauty of the mathematics I have (and will) discovered. For sure, that’s a long shot. But it’s the beautiful challenge Science4All has set for me, and I have no doubt that Science4All will help me in this quest.