Inkscape on Mac


If you’re a Science4All reader, you might wonder how I did the (beautiful :P) figures of the articles. The answer is: Inkscape. Inkscape is a brilliant vectorial drawing software. It’s a like a high quality version of Microsoft Paint. It’s easy to use, and yet, you can be very accurate in your drawings. Plus, using extensions like textext, you can easily include LaTeX formula.

So far though, Inkscape was only available on Mac through X11 architectures like XQuartz. This has several annoying drawbacks. Yet, today, I’ve found out that a native version has come out! I’ve been using it a little bit and it appears to be working very well! Here’s a download page:

You can follow instructions of Nicolas’ PhD blog:

I’ve actually had troubles installing EggBot, so my textext extension is not working, but I can drag and drop LaTeX formulas from LaTeXiT, and that’s good enough!

If you want beautiful figures (especially for math!), I strongly recommend you to go with Inkscape!