Paris is… Wow! – Inedit Pics from Magie des Maths de Prépa


I’ve spent my summer shooting a 2-hour video on (French) undergrad maths, which are a very big deal in France. Indeed, more than any other maths, French undergrad maths are regarded as the necessary path to progress and (social) success. And, due to the overwhelming concentration of prestigious academical institutions, Paris is often connected to the glory of French undergrad maths and education. For students and parents, Paris symbolizes esteem, pride and triumph. This is why I had to shoot the movie all around Paris.

Arc de Triomphe

So, while I’ve grown up around Paris all along, I acted like any other tourist all summer (except that my limited budget never allowed me to actually enter costly touristic attractions). I’ve hiked days after days through the nicest bridges, corners and places Paris has to offer. And… wow! Paris is just breathtaking! It’s so much better than any other city I’ve visited (and I’ve visited quite a lot of cities!).

So, as a primer of the actual video, here are some pics in which the action takes place!


Sacré Coeur

Tour Eiffel


Éléments d'Euclide