Huacachina, Peru


I’ve just got back from an epic 5-week trip in Peru and Bolivia (and San Pedro de Atacama). Unfortunately, all good things coming to an end, I had to leave South America (to defend my PhD thesis tomorrow!). Before writing about the more amazing days of the trip, let me update my blog with this short entry on one of the uncountable unforgettable visits I got to do: Huacachina.

While on a tour with Peru Hop (which I recommend unless you are in a hurry as I often am!), we had a day mostly off in a paradisiac hostel in Huacachina. But I personally can’t lie by the pool for more than an hour. So I decided to hike the sand desert Huacachina is in. All by myself. What a hike that turned out to be!


I climbed dunes after dunes until I got to the highest of them all, in the middle of them all. What a view! And what a feeling that was to be all alone, with probably no one dozens of kilometres all around, except for sands, sands and more sands… (Click on the following picture to watch it as a 360° Photosphere!)


After some 6 hours of exhausting hard walk on the burning sand, at last, I got back to Huacachina. But not the easy way. I first had to get up the high dune with a great viewpoint on the oasis.


Okay, that’s it for this post. I need to practise for tomorrow’s PhD defence.