I have a new, very exciting project…


I don’t want to say too much about it so far, but, yes, I have a new, very exciting project in mind. It will be in French (sorry English readers!), and it will be awesome.

A year and a half ago, I had a crazy, but hugely exciting summer… even though I did not travel much! That summer, I wrote, shot and edited a 2-hour documentary on undergrad mathematics. It was amazing, and I got overwhelmingly awesome feedbacks. Just check them out (they’re in French though)!

And, as my postdoc is coming to an end, the timing is perfect for a sequel. For the sequel. I’m currently writing a script for a 3-hour documentary on big data mathematics! And it’s going to be awesome!


My Podcast Interview on GLIMPSE


A few weeks ago, Alex Albanese interviewed me on the MIT post-doc GLIMPSE Podcast. We discussed populations, cakes, toilets, Google and many more topics. The podcast was released yesterday.


It was an awesome experience. Alex is a great interviewer. And, even though he is a biologist (I guess I can forgive that ;)), he was extremely sharp and quickly saw deep connections between the various mathematical topics I discussed. It was a real pleasure to interact with him, and I think that the podcast shows this very well. In fact, I highly recommend you to check his other GLIMPSE Podcasts.

What’s Einstein’s gravity? General relativity explained! Science4All 15


Last time, we saw that Einstein explains the falling of the apple by the upwards acceleration of the ground. This is Einstein’s happiest thought. But wouldn’t this imply that the surface of the Earth is expanding outwards? Well, no. Why? Because of spacetime curvature! At last, this video explains how Einstein’s gravity really works.

Warning! This video is a bit more technical than usual, and previous videos are prerequisites to fully grasp this one. They include:
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More to understand general relativity…
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